Blown film extrusion line

Professional for plastic

3-layer blown machine

Remarkable Adaptability

Like Gwell's other models, the Valuex blown film machine incorporates a unique screw design that enables low-temperature extrusion and saves energy. The unit adapts well to many raw materials such as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE/LDPE, and mLLDPE, and especially to the processing of materials with high levels of LLDPE.

Highly Uniform Films

The Valuex unit retains typical features of Gwell's molding technology for blown film machines. Better film uniformity than that of other similar units produced in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Product process control is also comparable with Italian major brands. Gwell possesses independent intellectual property rights for key components in the unit.

Excellent Cost Performance

By adopting standardized and modularized designs, effective reduction of the unit costs in key parts makes the products not only outstanding in performance but also more advantageous in cost performance compared with other similar products.

GWE-1700     900-1500mm    0.03-0.12mm    240kg/h     

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