Stretch film extrusion line

Professional for plastic

Uniaxial Stretching Lithium-ion Battery Separator Line

The specific specification can be made according to customer’s requirement.

Features of Machine

1. Uni-axial oriented film line and bi-axial oriented film line are available to manufacture.

2. With the best-combined extrusion system, the line can produce ultra-thin, wide

  and even thickness film under high speed.

3. Widely adapted to the general resins, such as PP, PE and etc.

Characteristics of Product

The lithium-ion battery separator is a kind of nanoscale microporous high polymer material. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is not only high energy density, long cycle life and no memory effect, but also safe, reliable and fast charging and discharging, especially conforms to the development needs of the world environmental protection and has growing usage amount in all walks of life. 

1. Good thickness uniformity and even microporous distribution are good for the consistency of the lithium-ion battery;

2. Micropore with low sinuosity, good permeability, good electrolyte retention and small internal resistance of battery;

3. High temperature resistance, no horizontal hot shrinkage, high film break temperature and good safety performance;

4. High longitudinal tensile strength and good mechanical performance.

5. The common width of the production line is 1000-1500 mm, the specific specifications is negotiable.

Main Applications of Product

Electric car, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle and electric tool etc. various power lithium-ion batteries, large energy storage lithium-ion batteries and various digital lithium-ion batteries.

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