Cast film extrusion line

PVB Film Extrusion Line

PVB film is translucent membrane, inorganic glass has good adhesion with a transparent, heat, cold, high mechanical strength properties, it is a laminated glass with the best adhesive material. PVB film can absorb impact energy, no broken films, which are widely used in automotive safety glass, high-rise buildings, bank counters, all kinds of bulletproof glass. While having safety performance, there are excellent noise, light control, thermal insulation, earthquake and other properties, it is the world's best safety glass processing materials.

PVB film production line main purposes:

1. PVB film automotive safety glass production lines:

    PVB film is mainly used for automobile front windshield of the intermediate layer.

 2. PVB interlayer film architectural glass production line:

     PVB film is mainly used for the intermediate layer of glass  high-rise building.

  3. PVB film solar production line:

      Packaging production of PVB film for thin film solar cells.

GWELL developed new type of PVB film extrusion line, with high output 700kg/h, width 3000mm, 

also the PVB film is post embossing,

by this type of new post embossing, the orignal patterns from die head are invisible, replaced by 

new designed embossing pattern. The quality of PVB film is qualified by Automobile glass producers, 

GWELL developed PVB film machine to India, Russia, and Germany.

Line Speed(m/min)1010

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