melt-blown fabric machine

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melt-blown fabric production line

melt-blown fabric production line

By adopting precision extrusion system of China GWELL Machinery Co., Ltd., this project is equipped with high precision melt distribution system, melt-blown mold, M forming method, and auxiliary standing pole treatment winding device.

Melt blown fabric working procedure:

Vacuum feeding -> melt extrusion -> jetting into fiber -> roller receiving -> multi-roll pressing -> electret treatment -> friction rewinding

by High speed hot air blowing system, the melted PP material is going through the very small hole(diameter 0.2mm), and stretched into very thin fiber, then the thin fiber is formed into fabric when it is falling down to the moving belt.

widthMachine modeloutput per day

the final product melt blown fabric can be used for many different applications, such as mask, baby diapers, air conditioner filtering material, battery separator and so on.

Melt blown fabric can reach PFE 99%

There are some important factors which influence the filtering grade. 

  1. selection of raw materials

Polypropylene should have high melt index, MFI more than 1500g/10min, so the material is easy to be filamented, 

The static masterbatch is also quite important. 

2. Production processing

The processing of melt blown fabric is mainly divided into three parts, melt extrusion, melt blown processing, and electret treatment.

melt extrusion quality is determined by the extruder, screen exchanger, and melt pump.

Melt blown processing quality is determined by the Die structure and spinneret hole,

The electret treatment quality is determined by the masterbatch granules and also the electret treatment device.

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